Morrisburg    Ontario

Ph # 613 543 2201






We are taking reservations for the 2017 season.

There is a 3 night minimum on long weekends.  2 night minimum on regular weekends.


 We do NOT have on-line reservations!  You must call or email us to make a reservation. A valid credit card is required.





For  Reservations call 613 543 2201




Rentals are available, 4 cabins,

and 2 trailers (no pets allowed)



Outdoor trailer storage available, $25/ month.




Be aware!!!!!!!

Bringing firewood into the park is not permitted, unless it is local. This restriction is out of our hands. Please read below about the ash borer.



Emerald Ash Borer


Adult specimen of the Emerald Ash Borer - David Cappaert, Michigan State University

More photos

The emerald ash borer has killed millions of ash trees in southwestern Ontario, Michigan and surrounding states. It poses a major economic and environmental threat to urban and forested areas in both countries.


The emerald ash borer attacks and kills all species of ash, except mountain ash which is not a true ash. With artificial spread, where people move infested ash materials and firewood to new areas, this insect can quickly spread to other areas of Canada.



Federal regulatory measures prohibit the movement of specific materials including any ash material and firewood of all species from specific areas of Ontario and Quebec. Anyone violating these restrictions is subject to a fine and/or prosecution




 Help slow the spread of the emerald ash borer in Canada. Learn more about the CFIA's "Don't Move Firewood" campaign and movement restrictions currently in place.

For more information on the emerald ash borer,

 please call 1-866-463-6017.







Looking forward to summer!!!   



The Wells Family


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